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The Big God Questions – Seminar Series

In this audio seminar series, Don Johnson addresses some of today’s most important, and too often misunderstood, theological issues.

1. “Love and the Meaning of Life” – Why does God require worship and sacrifice? And why does he want to be praised all the time? Is he a schoolyard bully with an inferiority complex? In this seminar, Don Johnson tackles these questions and shows that the answer lies in understanding why we were created in the first place.

2. “The Reason for the Rules” – Why does God give us so many commands to follow? Is it just so he can get a laugh out of making us jump through hoops? In this seminar, Don Johnson explains what God is actually up to.

3. “Why Hell is Fair and Heaven Won’t be Boring” – Why does God make people spend eternity in Hell for a few short years of sins on earth? Being tortured forever seems like way too much of a punishment. And what about Heaven? Doesn’t it just take people’s focus off of what is truly important: making the world we live in right now a better place? It doesn’t sound attractive anyway; after all, who wants to float on clouds all day? In this seminar, Don Johnson tackles all these questions and more as he takes a look at the Christian teaching regarding the afterlife.

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