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The Treasure: Uncovering the Hidden Riches of the Catholic Faith


In this Parish Mission, speaker Don Johnson walks you through four of the most valuable gifts of the Catholic Faith. Basing the series on the parable of the man who finds a treasure in the field and gives up everything else he has to get that field, Johnson weaves together stories from his conversion, tales from his experiences as a filmmaker and radio host, and deep Biblical insight in 4 talks that will have you looking at the Church from a whole new perspective.

  • Talk 1: The Treasure of the Eucharist (52 minutes)
  • Talk 2: The Treasure of the Truth (45 minutes)
  • Talk 3: The Treasure of the Wilderness (56 minutes)
  • Talk 4: The Treasure of the Family (59 minutes)

“It was such a blessing to have Don here! I’ve heard so many wonderful comments from those who attended the mission. Parishioners continue to come up to me and share moments from the talks that had an impact on them and tell me how the mission has enriched their faith. It is really great to see people so excited about the Church!” – Jackie V., St. Susanna Catholic Church, Plainfield, Indiana

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